Five Lines

A Pick So Smart II, oil on canvas, 112 * 223 cm, 2015.


Born in Baghdad, 1978. I am Iraqi!  When I was a child I won the first prize for Child of the Gulf Drawing Competition held in Kuwait, 1989.

Then, wars tossed me like many others over the map, left me wondering: Why? The answer was unconvincing to the question, just that; evil is never smart.

In my family of doctors and engineers, I was supposed to be a doctor too. But I dropped out  of medicine because I was a little bit creative and fell in love with art long long before. Art is life it is the most beautiful universal language that silently speaks aloud. If pain accumulates to generate creativity, then art heals!

I studied Interior Design at the American University in Dubai. Class of 2001.

Married and a mother. At my home, in my kitchen, art stirs: Food and food for thought. Here, I cook, bake, draw, paint, read, write and take photos.

Currently, working on my project A Pure Desire: A series of paintings enfolding different stories, to wake up the world.

I have a gift and I am grateful.



© 2018 Jehan Ali. All rights reserved.

Art Journey:

Represented / Exhibited with:


  • Part of the ‘Mondo Novis’ art sculpture curated by Mr. Peter Gressman and engraved by artist Housi Knesht. To be placed at AlSaadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi 2020.
  • World Art Dubai 2018 with Noon Art Gallery ( Collage Centre, Sharjah Ladies Club.) From 18th -21st April 2018, at Dubai World Trade Centre, Booth: E21.
  •   SNF Dine & Deed Gala Dinner: Special Needs Development Center’s annual dinner. 27th April, 2017. Al Yasat Ballroom, Roda Al Murooj, Downtown Dubai.
  • 4th Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival.  From 19th– 25th February, 2016.Supported by; Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research. Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.Opening Night Red Carpet Reception, 19th February 2016. Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort.Visual Art Exhibition, 20th– 25th February, 2016. Ras Al Khaimah National Museum.


  • Amsterdam Whitney Fine Art Inc. Gallery, Chelsea, (the most beautiful gallery) in New York, 2015.

Salute To The Stars” Exhibition. From: May 1st to June 16th, New York, 2015. Gala Reception Soiree opening night May 7th 2015.

  • Broadway Gallery, New York, 2014.

Global Projects artists at home & abroad exhibition. From: January 9-29, 2014. Reception January 14th, 2014.

  •  “Tabarek Allah” exhibition, DSF 2009 House of Talents, at The Walk at JBR, Dubai.

Published with:

  • Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival Catalogue.19 -25 Feb 2016. (
  • NYArts Magazine, Artists at Home & Abroad, September issue, 2014. “My Summer Chador” & “Expired Make up” paintings.
  • Artist Portfolio Magazine, 1st issue, 2010. “Wrapped in Darkness” painting. Honorable Mentions, Fantasy Art Contest, September, 2010.
  • Guests Gallery, top ten winners, Work of New Year, 2008. “Tabarek Allah” painting.
  • Canvas Guide, Art Market volume 4, issue 6 / November- December 2008. “Oh Moon” Painting.

Creative Workshops:

  • Creative Story Writing Workshop (for children), Sxill Lab and Kalimat Publishing, held at Olioli, AlQouz Dubai, 12th May, 2018.
  • Blank Canvas, Dubai Edition, Community art, held at the JamJar, Alserkal Avenue. AlQouz1, Dubai. 14th April, 2018.
  • Artist Guidelines Workshop, held at Noon Gallery in Collage Centre, Sharjah Ladies club. 14th December,2017.

A Painting For A Cause:

        * SNF Special Needs Future Development Center, Dine & Deed Gala Dinner. April, 2017. “Al Manara: the Lighthouse” painting.

        * Juniors Diabetes Parade U.A.E. , November 2015. The Diabetic Center at The American Hospital in Dubai. ” Type 1 J” painting.

        * Breast Cancer Arabia, May, 2014. “Conquer” painting.

        * SNF Special Needs Future Development Center, April, 2013. “Bism Allah” painting.




To love each other is half the wisdom. - Imam Ali ***** A friend is a sheltering tree. - Horace ***** In a gentle way you can shake the world. - Ghandi ***** It takes courage to be creative. - Henri Matisse ***** Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela *****
plus An Ascension, mixed media collage on canvas panel, 31 * 41 cm, 2017.

A Pure Desire 64

An Ascension Shards of glass Crashed Into Eminent Shards of Light 4/Aug/2017

plus 75C3932A-E4AE-4703-ADA0-880901956723

A Pure Desire 63

Time Vestibules Time is a passage And The passing of time Halting not Sets us Free From our Cooping Shells 14/March/2017

plus Beclouded, mixed media on panel, 36* 46 cm, 2017.

a Pure Desire 62

Beclouded This night A gorged moon Sunken & obscure This day Snowflakes blend With sand particles 4/Feb/2017

plus Axe-Men, acrylic on panel, 36* 46 cm, 2017.

A Pure Desire 61

Axe-Men Hew, hew Wrap the grue-ing Shoulders Souse the Riot Soup Hew, hew… Left them In a heap?! On the Side lane of Disdain! Hew, hew… Heft them Not to weep Crammed Within A sordid Truckload! Hew, hew…   2/Feb/2017

plus Charred, sketch on canvas panel, 31 *41 cm, 2017.

A Pure Desire 60

Charred Him Her The chronicles Of Being Jealous Over Or Of It is maddening Petulant & Maddening   25/Jan/2017

plus Nil To Nil, mixed media on panel, 36*46 cm, 2017.

A Pure Desire 59

Nil to Nil Leave Take the plunge In the midnight sky Gossamer wings Carried by A foil of light A shield of swifts From the torpor Drift & glide Nip Flick Cleave & Cleave 19/Dec/2016

plus Mottled, acrylic on canvas panel, 31*41 cm, 2017.

A Pure Desire 58

Mottled A gale! A florid galaxy Scattered, spattered, across Rubicund skin Counting freckles Joining 14/Dec/2016

plus Babel, mixed media collage on board, 12" * 16", 2017.

A Pure Desire 57

Babel In a dim stable Upon a high hay stack Gleaned Within a gleaming Sun ray Dust particles Ravel Deciphering Our silvery palm line’s Babel 1/Nov/2016

plus Trace, mixed media digital collage, 2016.

A Pure Desire 56

Trace Umbilical Cords Are never Really Cut 3/Aug/2016

plus The Big Bogus, oil on canvas, 51*71 cm, 2016.

A Pure Desire 42

The Big Bogus   Noir liner drips… Borders, Far or torn apart Letters Falling… The big bogus is near! Amber rice weevils Crawling… A giant grasshopper Harvest: Bodies lined in the bog Retching innards! Macabre… Macabre Where is the herald? Hear… 3/7/2014 The Big Bogus, oil on canvas, 51*71cm, 2016.  

plus A Windfall, mixed media digital collage, 2016.

A Pure Desire 55

A Windfall Dandelions With The wind-flaw Brush Make a Wish Make A wish In this Wispy dreamy Hush Your midnight blue Frock coat Flaps Your silvery Vermilion Tufts Rave & fray & verdant Hetrochromian Gaze Claps, A chary smile Dawns So plush 23/July/2016 A Windfall, mixed media collage, 2016.

plus img_4065

A Pure Desire 54

My Cherub Inauspicious? Or just another Crescent Daggered In my chest… 4/July/ 2016  


Chameleon Iris

An ait

Boat floats

The stream




Jehan Ali
P.O.Box: 29759, Dubai, U.A.E.
mobile: 0097150 5506263

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